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Oct 01

can the blazers win it all this year...

By BestEraEver1
yes, they CAN win it all this year but reallisticaly no! For the blazers to win it all this year, its not only going to take them playing up to near perfection but will also need the help from teams like la, bos, clev, etc. by them playin less up to par (which i highly doubt especially LA with kobe eyeing another ring).  The blazers have enough potential and fire power to realistically challenge the lakers or the spurs to 7 games in the western conference finals but by then the intangibles (my fav word (and for a good reason)) that the lakers and the spurs possess will simply overpower the blazers and turn them back into little kids...just like that.  Dont get me wrong i do think a championship is def within sight for portland but it is downright foolish to think roy and aldridge at this juncture in their career will win a series against kobe and gasol or duncan and parker or garnett and pierce or lebron and shaq.


  1. Okay, you definitely are a later fan. Dude, seriously not the place. We had some Rocket fans do this during the playoffs and only one of them ever earned my respect. You need to stop this, turn around, and message on a Laker fan board. We are pretty easy going and don't need people like you coming in and starting arguments. Please, stop now. Roy is NOT the "next mamba" he's a much better leader than Kobe and a much better person. Go home, leave us alone. Laker fan.

    by RipCityRevival on 10/1/2009 7:15 PM
  2. keep up the blog...lots of interesting opinions here.

    by caitlinv on 10/2/2009 8:20 AM
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