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Jun 24

I think we should trade up in the draft. I think a trade with the Washington Wizards for #3, #32 and Portland gives Wesley Matthews, Jamal Crawford, Nolan Smith and pick #42. This would provide a double trade up in a single transaction. This would give us Beal, Drummond, #11, #32(second pick, second round), #41. This would give the Wizards a solid starting shooting-guard, a sixth man of the year, and a solid backup pg in Smith. Not to mention they avoid the possibility of failure with the #3 pick. What are your thoughts?
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  1. Wow you think highly of Wes, Jamal, nolan and pick 42. You can't get high lottery picks for a group of B-C type players. If you were a GM I would counter your offer with this: I don't want nolan, Jamal, or pick 42. I will take Wes, your 6th pick and your 11th pick for pick #3 , #32, and Andray Blatche.

    by RiskyB on 6/24/2012 11:35 PM
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