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Jun 23

Joakim Noah

By RiskyB
Trade the house for Joakim Noah!!!!  Is he really on the trade block?  Noah, Aldridge, and Batum.  That is a long front line.   Taking on salary but really really really need a decent center now.  Do the Blazers have enough to get him?  #6 pick, #11 pick, trade exception?  #6 pick, Wes Matthews and trade exception


  1. I hadn't considered Noah; I'm not sure/didn't think Chi would let him go BUT IF he IS on the block... OH YEAH! IMO, IF we could get Noah AND Collison & then IF (a huge "IF" BUT NOT impossible; dude's got skillz!) E-Will explodes onto the scene (IF we could get those guys, 2 guard would b our weakest pt. & would b the difference between being champs & perennially falling short; I love E-Will & HOPE he can become an elite player in this league but it's too early to tell; @ the very least, I know he'll b a good player)... champs for years to come baby! Wes had a bad year but I think he's gonna turn it around this season so I'm (AND Portland) not gonna give up on the man (dude is hilarious, great attitude on/off court, excellent defender, w/ A LOT of heart AND intensity). If Noah's here, think of the energy this team's gonna have on the road (where we've REALLY been needing it) & in the Rose Garden (always crazy atmosphere but how crazy it COULD get... :D So if Noah's here, I would say we'd HAVE to keep Wes more than ever b4; the synergy & infectious energy & hustle that we'd have just between the 2 guys alone would b worth it BUT THEIR play would b GUARANTEED to pump up the other guys & fans! To get Noah & Collison, deal whatever picks u have to, the Jamal thing, & $ (left over $ can b used to re-sign Batum/sign & trade for an elite 2 guard i.e. Eric Gordon or Paul George; I'd prefer 1 deal that got us Collison AND Paul George :)

    by Simpson on 6/24/2012 9:52 AM
  2. by Simpson on 6/24/2012 9:53 AM
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