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Jun 23

Good Realistic Trade

By Siccolo Posted in: Blazers, Kings, Warriors
Portland trading Crawford (Sign and trade) and the 11th pick to Warriors
Dorrel Wright and 7th pick.

Golden State gets a good back up veteran for Klay Thompson. Portland gets a good back up for Batum.

Also Golden State can still draft Terrance Jones for his value.

Portland can draft Lillard and Drummond.

Or Jammal Crawford and the 6th for Jason Thompson and the 5th. 
We can get a decent center and draft Barnes or Beal or Gilchrist and Sacramento showed intrest in Crawford 


  1. Seems possible
    question is how good is Wright?
    can we use him?

    by cocothunda72 on 6/24/2012 9:33 AM
  2. This trade IS definitely realistic BUT the only part that doesn't make it good is the Dorrel Wright part. Wright is wwwwwwaaaaay too streaky; ppl got on Wes & Jamal for this; if ppl thought THAT was bad... it WILL b MUCH worse w/ Wright :( The season b4 last, he had a good season bc the NBA hadn't scouted him yet; now, the book is out on him & WYSIWYG, no more potential left in him. We need to wrestle away Klay Thompson (GSW & every1 else know how good this guy is/going to b!); if we have to overpay (in the max range $ around Wes Mathews-style; I pray that GSW would "let us take him" ;) to get him, this is the ONLY guy in the entire league that I say it's ok to do this w/.

    by Simpson on 6/24/2012 10:13 AM
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