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Jun 21

Trail Blazers And Wells Fargo Present Keys To Habitat For Humanity Family

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Ten months ago the Victoria Cottages were an empty dirt-filled lot. Now, the Habitat for Humanity project is the site of eight beautiful homes filled with grateful families and yesterday those families were officially presented with their keys.

If you remember, the Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo partnered with Habitat early in the project and on September 15, 2011 for the largest one-day build in the non-profit's history, sending over 150 volunteers to jumpstart the construction of the eight townhouses that comprise the Victoria Cottages.

Here’s a peek at the site just as construction began.

As the build continued the Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo sent even more volunteers to the site, not only to build, but to compete in building challenges with Team Kersey and Team Porter to earn cash for Habitat for Humanity.

But it wasn’t just the building and manpower that Wells Fargo and the Trail Blazers contributed, it was the capital. Tom Taylor, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, spoke of partnership and the incredible contributions of the Trail Blazers’ partner bank.

“One of the really neat things that I get to do in being associated with Wells Fargo is being associated to the Blazers and also associated with Habitat for Humanity. It was about two or three years ago that we were out on the beaches picking up trash with the Trail Blazers. And then we partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs and then we were teaching kids how to balance their checkbooks. So it only made sense that we would partner with the Trail Blazers when it came to Habitat for Humanity.

“Three years ago Steve Messinetti [CEO and President of Habitat for Humanity] and I were working together on some donations that Wells Fargo was doing and I remember clearly saying to Steve, ‘ Steve we’re going to give you $325,000 this year, but just don’t expect, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be able to do this again, so let’s put it to good use,’" Taylor continued. "And the next year came along and it was $345,000 and I went to Steve and I said, ‘Steve I’m not sure we’re going to be able to continue to do this, but let’s make sure we put it to good use.’ This year, ‘This year Steve I’m sure we’re not going to be able to do this.’ But this year it’s $510,000. We love Habitat and we love our association with the Blazers.”

Now, after thousands of volunteer hours completed, rain or shine, the Victoria Cottages are finished. Yesterday, Trail Blazers Ambassador Jerome Kersey and Wells Fargo Senior Vice President Tom Taylor, who were among the volunteers in September, presented the keys to one of the new homeowners.

“On behalf of the Trail Blazers we want to thank all the people that volunteered for this project. Wells Fargo, you guys are great,” Trail Blazers Ambassador Jerome Kersey said. “We were out here with you guys and it was a terrific build. When the community comes together this is what can happen and it will happen again. It was a great, enjoyable time for the Trail Blazers to be associated with something like this. It was my first time and it was great being out here. I know I didn’t put as much work into this as others, but I tried to put my time in and I look forward to working on another project because this is what you have and it’s a safe environment for the families.”

Check out a full photo gallery of the new homes and the key presentation.


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