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Jun 05

As the Blazers season ended, I shared the popular sentiment of most people in the city: "Thank god!". There was a strident noise in the air on April 26th, and it was the sound of everyone in Rip City exasperatedly sighing. When one listened between the sounds, the sigh said: "At least now we can focus on the off-season...". The to do list was as follows: Get a GM, get a coach, get good draft picks, sign free agents, and then win. This excitement dissipated gradually as the calendar turned from April to May and then May to June as NONE of the needs were addressed, nothing was crossed off the to do list. 

My mind was racing by Memorial Day. "Is Paul Allen trying to get a GM on the cheap so he can more easily sell the team?", "Is Danny Ainge the main GM candidate?", "Is the Blazers front office competent? I mean, even drunk-monkey level competent?". I was jumping to conclusions cause we were getting down to the wire. Naturally, since June 4th has passed, I've officially made a fool of myself. Or at least I've made a fool of my insecure fandom. 

As far as Neil Olshey goes, I think he was one of Portland's best GM candidates. He has great potential and he has made some gamebreaking moves for a franchise that used to be the epitome of sucktitude. Olshey traded for Chris Paul, drafted Blake Griffin, resigned DeAndre Jordan, brought in Reggie Evans, stole Eric Bledsoe, and did it all under the ever-so-caring-and-dandy ownership of Donald Sterling. There wasn't a GM candidate that jumped higher off the page than Olshey. Now, I'm not going so far to say that he's the perfect hire because there is no telling what Olshey's work will produce in reality, however, given the circumstances, I believe that Blazer management has made the best possible move.

Hopefully the Blazers can now score a little of that LA Luck, having players the likes of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul be gift-wrapped to us this off-season (operative word: this off-season).


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