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Jun 03

Possibilities 1. LA, Matthews to New Orleans for Emeka Okafor, #1 and #10                                   2. Matthews, Batum and Smith to Washington for Jan Vesely and picks #3, #32 and #46                  3. LA, Matthews, Smith to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving, pick#4, #24, #33, #34                                   4. Matthews, Batum, Smith to Golden State for Nate Robinson, Klay Thompson, #7 and #30           5. LA, Matthews to Boston for Rondo ,and Picks #21,#22                                                              I think #1 is possible Because of Okafors' 12.6 mil contract.                                                             #2 Washington gets 2 starters and a good prospect                                                                           #3 Crazy but possible                                                                                                                       #4 Very possible because they covet Batum.                                                                                     #5 I love LA but if this trade is possible I think it must be explored.                                                   Which do you like or not?
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