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Jun 01

I think we should offer the #11 pick to Houston for #14 and #16. and we should offer #11 to Boston for #21 and #22. of course the trade with the Rockets would be preferable and if they want to move up it is entirely possible, if they don't want to move up I think Boston would jump at the trade. I think with Boston we should offer Batum(once signed), Matthews, and #11 for Rondo, J. Johnson, #21, and #22. If Boston says no to the Rondo trade then offer the trade for picks. As far as the Rockets are concerned I would not look for a player trade for Lowry when we could get Dragic in free agency. Other possible trade would be Matthews to Cleveland for the #4 pick, Batum to Sacramento for #5 and Thomas, Matthews to Washington for #3 pick, looking to draft K-Gillcrest/Beal/Drummond at which ever spot we trade for it would be nice to trade both Batum(wants to leave) and Matthews(inconsistent) and pick up 2 of these 3 players with higher upside for the price. I think this draft could be great for the Blazers. What are your thoughts? 
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