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May 31

Draft Lottery Is Calm Before The Storm

By AdamBjaranson Posted in: 2012draft, draft2012, draftlottery
Yeah, it COULD have been better. But let’s not bite off more than we can chew. As one Blazer fan told me minutes after the Blazers secured the 6th and  11th picks in June 28th’s NBA Draft, “For first time in a long while, I had reason to cheer (aside from watching a game.”) That sums it up, right? Portland was slotted in the 11th spot, then had the Nets (top-3 protected) pick. That showed up where we believed it would at pick #6. Jubilation then ensued at the Blazers Draft Lottery Party at the Lloyd Center Buffalo Wild Wings where roughly 100 Blazer fans watched the live event.

So, what’s next? I can tell you this. Expect the unexpected!! What we know for sure is that we don’t know anything at all. Chad Buchanan and his scouting staff will remain incredibly busy behind the scenes in preparation for this uber-deep draft. What any team scout doesn’t want to hear, is how much “Team A is in love with ‘Player B’. It’s fuel for agents and the media, but provides little insight into what direction the team is ‘actually’ considering. Here’s what you already know: Portland can use an impact player to put alongside LaMarcus Aldridge. Now, the question remains, does that player come via the draft, or in free agency? The options are endless. As far as players that will have an immediate impact when Portland selects? I’d say UNC’s Harrison Barnes and/or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I know, that’s wishful thinking. But surprises have happened before. Remember that guy named Brandon Roy? He was a 6th overall pick. As was Danillo Gallinari and Shane Battier. At #11, you can find a decent role player. But I’m a firm believer that the Blazers won’t be choosing 2 picks this year. I still feel as if one of these two selections will be traded for an established player. If not, Damain Lillard, Jared Sullinger or Tyler Zeller should be available at that spot.

What Portland NEEDS though is a PG and a Center. With roughly $15-20 million to spend, these will likely be addressed in free agency. Many think that Goran Dragic is THAT guy at point guard. Don’t sleep on a deal with Kyle Lowry though. #11 pick for Lowry anyone? All I know is that all of this type of talk is healthy. It’s what will get us by during the usually solemn summer months when we are craving Blazers basketball.   I still feel that it’s a strong bet that we will see Joel Freeland come over from Europe too.
On a side note, big thanks to everybody who showed up for the Draft Lottery Party on Wednesday. Let’s hope that next time we have a ‘get together’ like this again, that it isn’t for the lottery—but rather for something more fulfilling. It was great getting to spend quality time with you and being able to talk about the Blazers. It only gets better from here Blazer Maniacs.


  1. first thing i'm going to say is that given the results of the lottery selection, it looks as if things just got more complicated but that, as you said, the opportunities have become endless. i'd almost say that the 11th pick is more intriguing than the 6th. most of the mock drafts i've seen have roughly the same five players going in the top five. barring the odd selction of a player rated much lower within that first five (can you say Tristan Thompson?), we should have a pretty decent idea of what's going to be available at our number 6 (if we keep it, of course). number 11 opens the door to quite a few more possibilities. i also know we want to shop the pick(s) for young and rising stars, but i would like to see us keep at least one of these picks and take a guy who'll be able to contribute. i would also suggest we heavily shop those two second rounders (picks 40 and 41) including one or both of them in a trade package could really help us out.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 6/1/2012 12:13 PM
  2. I think Paul Milsap and Louis Amunson are free agents. Both are rebounders and great help defenders.

    by riverman on 6/2/2012 2:59 PM
  3. I also would like to trade both picks for young talent. I've never been much of a gambler and everyone says there are only 5 sure bets there. The picks have great value in the free agency market.

    by riverman on 6/2/2012 3:02 PM
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