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May 15

Coach Canales Sets Goals with Students at Reynolds High

By make it better
On Monday, Trail Blazers Interim Head Coach Kaleb Canales and make it better paid a visit to a group of students at Reynolds High School. After receiving a heartfelt email from the Sarah Ehinger, a Reynolds teacher about the students’ lack of motivation in the classroom, Coach Canales felt inclined to stop by and tell his story. A group of 60 teenagers listened intently for an hour as Coach Canales spoke and fielded questions about setting goals, and successfully reaching them. “Have a game plan,” he told his audience. “Do your research, and put in the work.”

The students’ questions ranged from inquiries about how he stayed motivated, to what his path to NBA Head Coach looked like, and Coach Canales answered every one of them.

Coach Canales concluded his visit by asking students to write their goals on notecards—five short term, and five long term—and to look at the cards every day to remind them where they wanted to go in life. On their way out, the students shook Canales’ hand and smiled for photos. Ms. Ehinger told Coach Canales that she had never seen anyone hold their attention for that long - she felt that his visit had truly made a difference!


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