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May 15

Opt In, Or Opt Out?

By AdamBjaranson
Alright, don’t be misled by the title peeps. The season for the Blazers has now been over for a couple weeks, but I’ve yet to come to grips with it. I certainly didn’t want it to end, and neither did you. But reality does indeed bite! In fact, I “opted in” to watching the Portland Winterhawks WHL series. And chose to “opt out” watching the NBA playoffs. I’m just not ready to go ‘all in’ on the NBA right now. I need to decompress a bit longer. In time, I’ll come around to it. Perhaps when an ACTUAL series gives me a reason to.

Waiting until May 30th is now tops on my mind. I just can’t stop thinking about the myriad possibilities that could exist from that day alone. Actually, the ONLY one that matters is watching the Nets new logo pop up anywhere but in the top three. Falling at six is Portland’s best bet. From there the Blazers can begin to operate some intense thinking. Opportunity has never been greater for this franchise. With somewhere between 15-20 million in cap space, we are all able to dream big. I have no inside knowledge, but this is what I’d like to see take place. Where Portland was killed late in the season was defending the paint. As much as everyone is dreaming of an “A-List” point guard coming to Portland (ie, Deron Williams), I’d like to address our lack of depth at center. Could you imagine the Blazers making a run at a guy like Brook Lopez or Roy Hibbert? Neither of these guys are ‘max contract’ worthy, but since they are restricted free-agents, a fairly hefty contract would need to thrown at their respective teams. I tend to lean more towards offering a deal to Lopez though. In 4 years in New Jersey, Lopez has averaged 17.4 points, and 7.5 boards. And he’s shot above 50% for his career. Talk about giving LaMarcus some relief down low! But (gasp), Lopez is coming off an injury plagued season. He played in only five of the Nets 66 games. A broken right foot, and a twisted right ankle did him in. But that was an aberration, as BroPez (as Sarah Hecht likes to call him) only missed a total of seven games, that out of 246 games.

Regardless of what the Blazers do, I’m as intrigued as ever before. Certainly the Blazers will have to have a GM and Head Coach in place. And this will likely happen in the next 2-3 weeks. I promise you this, team president Larry Miller is hard at work right now narrowing his list of candidates. And yes, both acting GM Chad Buchanan and interim Head Coach Kaleb Canales are in the mix. Change is on the way, but the future is as bright as it’s been in awhile.


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