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May 11


By Jutah Wood Posted in: Blazers
Let's get down to the truth! Where the blazers are lacking is not in at point guard or power forward but at shooting guard/forward, We have been since clyde the glide. Think about it! All the teams play "in the lane defence" against any of our point guards we put on the floor. why? We have no shooting guards that spread the floor to leave lanes to drive to the paint for an open layup/dunk or a bebound. Spreading the defence will help our point guards score and our bigs get more rebounds. We need NO more small guards and power forwards and trade up in the draft and pick up a scrappy shooting guard/forward that can shoot the air out of the ball and play D. We have the make up of a good team every year just not that shooting forward we crave so badly to have. Every year we keep picking the best player in the draft for our number but not the best player for the position we need. That's the truth!


  1. I think we trade Matthews for pick 3,4, or5 and target Beal, then we trade #6 to Houston for #14 and #16 then we trade #14 to Boston for #21 and #22 We then use #11 on Rivers #16 on Leonard, #21 on Jones, #22 on Melo in the first round.

    by mbmurr1 on 5/14/2012 1:10 PM
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