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Oregonian’s ‘You Be The GM’ Evaluates C. Smith, Flynn and Przybilla

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The “You Be The GM” series put on by The Oregonian is one of the best they do. It’s right up there with Jason Quick’s “Behind The Blazers Locker Room Door,” another one of my faves.

Expressing opinions on each player is exactly the kind of post-season therapy Portland fans need—it’s an especially interesting task right now as the Trail Blazers prepare for a franchise changing off-season.

This week they tackled Jamal Crawford and Luke Babbitt and now Craig Smith, Jonny Flynn and Joel Przybilla are up.

How did you vote? Do you agree with the opinions of the panelists?

First up is fan-favorite, the Vanilla Gorilla Joel Przybilla.

Freeman: “There's no question Przybilla's best years are behind him, so he should not be your starting center. But his experience and willingness to do the little things -- set screens, block shots, etc. -- make him a valuable role player. And most important is his presence in the locker room. Early in the season, the Blazers were desperate for someone to take ownership of a season that was slipping away and call out teammates who were splintering the locker room. If Przybilla had been around for an entire season, he may have been the person to do just that. I expect Przybilla to be in a Blazers uniform next season.”

Freeman: “The Rhino was one of the season's biggest enigmas. On the one hand, he seemed to contribute and leave you longing for more every time he played, particularly early in the season. But on the other hand, he could not crack the rotation regardless of whether Nate McMillan or Kaleb Canales was the coach.”

Pelton: “Over the last two months of the season, I think Jonny Flynn showed enough to stick in the league, but not enough to earn himself a shot at a regular role. For the first time in his career, Flynn got regular minutes playing a pick-and-roll style that fits his skills. He responded by handing out assists at a strong rate with the Blazers, but he still struggled to finish in the paint, meaning he wasn't a particularly efficient scorer. And Flynn is too small to be much of an issue for opponents at the defensive end.”


  1. I'd agree with those guys. I do not get why Rhino is sitting on the bench when he's a player that muscles to the rim and tries to get to the foul line. He's a player that everyone wants on their team. Flynn had some decent moments, but I wouldn't expect him to be in the regular rotation of a playoff team. He might be an improvement... on the Bobcats.

    Joel is getting older, and he's a great backup. You aren't getting anything offensively from him and his defense could be better, but he's a guy that isn't afraid to play the game any way it can be played. For sure someone you want on your bench.

    by Herr on 5/4/2012 1:05 PM
  2. Hi Miss Sarah, As you know I voted to keep Jonny, because I don't think he has reached his potential yet, Pelton said he was a good scorer in the paint, but that was this year, he came in late in the season after sitting on the bench all year with new teammates, new coach and a little rusty on his shooting; he is good with a small contract to see what he can produce with consistent team mates.
    I voted to let the Rhino go; 1. he was not playing hardly at all and he is still young enough to have playing time, plus JJ will eat up any minutes he might get in the future, plus if Joal Freeland comes over the Rhino probably won't get off the bench.
    Of course I am all in for Joel Przybilla, he is a leader, a work horse, still good enough to play about 20 minutes a game of mean BB. and that is good enough for me.

    by Hg on 5/4/2012 3:35 PM
  3. I think if we draft a big man, Joel is a must have for the bench. He adds character, maturity, loyalty, and overall experience. It is clear that Joel is a dedicated Blazer. He passed on the opportunity to play with Miami and Chicago to support our team. He has made it evident that he loves Portland and devoted himself to better the team.

    by ahell08 on 5/6/2012 10:18 PM
  4. I think we NEED to keep Jonny. He is a great backup player and in my opinion could take Felton's starting roll given the chance. He has crazy amounts of stamina and his triple overtime game back in his last year at Syracuse proves that. With Craig its hard to say. He proved that he can get anywhere he wants and no one will stand in his way but at the same time he plays behind a All star forward of Lamarcus and a starter anywhere else in the league JJ. So I say we either release him or we see if we can possibly get a steal of a trade for him in the draft. Joel's presence is a most on the blazers. He is a great defensive player and plays his heart out day in and day out and hates to loose. Even though his offensive numbers aren't there he contributes to the team in much more important ways then that. He is also a great roll model and teacher for Hasheem.

    by jnwinkler15 on 5/8/2012 4:59 PM
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