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Free Agent Watch 2012: Suns Discuss Nash and Lopez

By sarahhecht Posted in: freeagents
Lon Babby, the President of Basketball Operations for the Phoenix Suns, met with local media today at the US Airways Center. He spoke about the position of the Suns heading into the offseason and discussed a couple of free agents who could fill positions the Trail Blazers are looking to fill.

First, point guard Steve Nash. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer and has been widely rumored as an option for the Trail Blazers. On the tail-end of an illustrious career—not to mention a phenomenal season this year—he wouldn’t be a long-term solution at the one, but if the right pieces fell into place this summer he’s an experienced veteran ready to lead a contender.

Via the @PhoenixSuns official Twitter page.

“Babby: ‘We've got to go down a road w/ him & see if we can find a common path... but everyone would like to see @SteveNash retire as a Sun.’”

Secondly is center Robin Lopez. Though he hasn’t been involved in any rumors around the Rose City he is a restricted free agent center this summer. And the center position is another role Portland is focused on addressing.

Via the @PhoenixSuns official Twitter page.

“Babby on center Robin Lopez, a restricted free-agent this summer: ‘It's quite likely if not certain we will match’ any offers he receives.”

Interested in either Nash or Lopez?


  1. Hey Miss Sarah,
    Boy you are full of information today, I love it. Nash and Lopez would be a very good addition to Portland.
    On Steve, I don't know how much he has in the tank but with a lower asking prise then he is used to, would be a great Mentor for young PG. If we were to get him then pick Marshall in the draft that would not be too bad. Of course that would mean Nolan or Jonny would be eliminated.

    Lopez would be a very serviceable center that I could see. again depending on the prise tag.
    But if they are thinking that Steve will retire as a Sun, and more then likely match any offer for Lopez, I wouldn't go much further then a look at either.

    Chad did say we would be surprised at who we could get in Free agency. So I have faith in Chad, if he says yes to either that is good enough for me.

    by Hg on 5/2/2012 1:52 PM
  2. There is no doubt Nash would be a great fit here. The attraction with having Nash at a minimum of 2 years, would be that he would turn Nicolas, JJ and Elliot into allstars first season and make LA very, very happy. Nash is clutch. Just wish we could get a younger, up and coming allstar point guard as well. Lopez wouldn't be on my radar in a Blazer uniform anytime soon. Not Robin Lopez anyway. Nash, Aldridge, Hickson, Batum, Mathews has a nice ring to it. All of them can run the floor. I didn't see Nash on the list of pt guards when courtside had the Chad interview though, did see Andre Millers and Gorn Dragics as well as Jason Kidds. Like Nash, Andre makes shooters better and is one of the great passers and clock management guys out there. Tough choice. For youth Eric Gordon would be an interesting choice.

    by riverman on 5/2/2012 7:25 PM
  3. hello i'm from Indonesia, and i'm a fan of Trail Blazers
    in my opinion, i really agree if we can get Steve Nash, not just he is a superstar and a consistent player who desire for championship, he's sure gonna bring a veteran leadership on and off the court to help LA lead this team to a champion.

    i remember what Wes Matth do back in Utah when he runs the floor with a superstar PG like D-Will, his offensive game was a serious threat (especially in Utah playoffs games) to any other teams, and i do believe he will do just the same with Nash, same thing goes to Batum offensive game too. And for long solution term for PG position, having Nolan Smith and Flynn a mentor like Steve Nash is the best thing for both of them, for me Nolan and Flynn is our future PG, and after 1 or 2 season Nash run out of gas, Nolan and Flynn will be ready to step up. And finally, imagine guys like Elliot Williams and JJ Hickson playing with Nash, it will be a great show for us to watch.

    by KevinMontoy on 5/3/2012 12:22 PM
  4. @KevinMontoy:
    Boy I like your thoughts, I am not pessimistic, but I just don't see it happening; altough the Suns FO said they would leave it up to Steve, and Steve may want to have one more chance for a championship, with him and all we have in a couple of years we could be Champs. On your line of thinking D Williams could do the same thing, and he has already played with Matthews, Remember what Chad said on court side, he didn't come out and say they were in talks with D Williams, but he said if a all star PG happens to be friends with Wesley Matthews and Wesley Matthews gave him some info about living in Portland and softening him up a bit that wasn't breaking any rules, after all players do talk to other players. I most definitely feel the same as you do about Steve Nash, but I do feel strongly about D Williams also. I believe the Blazers FO would love to have the choice of choosing between those two.

    Miss Sarah, how about that for spreading gossip. Not saying Chad is tipping his hand, but he definitely is very clever in his answers to Mike B.

    by Hg on 5/3/2012 1:33 PM
  5. I think that Nash would be the better fit in Portland personally. Yes D-Wills is an amazing player and he can carry any team on his back and have his way with any player that matches up with him but you have to think that he is going to be asking for WAY TO MUCH MONEY. Nash on the other hand is in his tail end of his career so he would probably be more susceptible to a lower contract to possibly score another championship and he could then mentor Jonny so for when Nash is ready to retire we can have Jonny take over his roll. If we do get Nash we get do away with Felton completely since he doesn't seem like he wants to be here.

    by jnwinkler15 on 5/8/2012 5:14 PM
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