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May 02

 He was injured a lot this year after many years of good health. How long will Rose be out? Is this a career ending injury for the style Rose plays? If it is not, is there a possibility for a trade because they are scared of the injury(Aldridge and Matthews for Rose, Noah, and their top pick in 2013) Then we would look like:                                                                                                                                                              pg-Rose, sg-Batum, c-Noah, pf-Hickson, sf-Babbitt                                                                         bench- N. Smith, E. Williams, Flynn, Przybilla or (Thabeet as a cheap                                                project), and 3Draft picks                                                                                                                also 2-3 Draft picks to d-league or traded for future picks

 I think that would be a very good off-season.
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