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Apr 22


By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers
It's too bad Rubio got hurt when he did if he could have lasted 5 more games they would have passed us for the #11 spot in the draft. What if we shut it down 2 weeks sooner? I think we could have the #6-7 pick and New Jersey's pick as well. I see the Blazers making major moves this off-season....... Probable players to be traded will be Matthews, Smith. also Felton and Crawford (sign and trade) . Possible players Aldridge and Batum(sing and trade) Making all these moves may look like madness but trading players for high draft picks at the height of their trade value is key in a rebuilding situation. If Portland could get New Orleans to give up it's  2 top picks this year and top pick in 2013 or Charlotte will give up their #1 this year and in 2013 Lamarcus might become a teammate on another team. A lot of teams would give up their top pick in 2012 and 2013 for Batum as well. Face it, we as fans become attached to players but it is a business and for the right price any player is available. I'm not sure what our team will look like next year but it will be an exciting ride to watch.
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