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Sep 15

The Feeling

By TigerDeuce12
Hey Trailblazer fans!! I'm writhing to every fan that I had a bad day. No, excuse me, I had a jacked-up day @ work. I like my job, but I hate my job. The easy road I could take is to quit, just freakin quit and move on with life. I choose not to take that path because that is not the answer. The great news is on this day, Tuesday, September 15, 2009, I have my plan "B" in full effect and move on to a better life. This is where our team comes to play. I have been in Chicago, IL for all of my life and my  activation of plan "B" will result in me travelling to Portland, OR to see a Trailblazer game. I see that this franchise is celebrating 40 yrears in existence and this calls for a congratulations to everyone who has always showed the loving loyality in Rip City. When the season begins, I will be displayin my Trailblazer pride in the Windy-City no matter what any says. I am BULLS fan, but my team in the western conference will excel to the next level. My 2010 goal will be to leave my current job, continue to build upon my career, bring in as much resources as possible, and fly my wife, mom, brother, nieces, and myself to Rip-City for a time of our lives. If this franchise can escape the "jailblazer" persona that once followed along and return to being a great threat in the west then I could spring for some Trailblazer fun for the family. Thank you, Portland fans and I will see you live in 2010.
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