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Apr 07

My Off-season wishlist

By StephenK Posted in: Celtics, LaMarcusAldridge

            With the off-season comes many goals and wishes from fans  including this one. I have made a list of what I feel the team could do to improve next year and put this season in the rear view mirror.

Wish 1: First and foremost I believe the team needs a new GM and I think that the best GMs are those with years/seasons of experience. However, some credit should be given to Chad Buchanan. He has done a good job at the helm of this ship. He has pulled off some great trades like sending a fan favorite to New Jersey for a key protected draft pick and players. Despite his efforts I think a new GM would instigate the necessary changes for a new season.

Although the Blazers have been quiet about naming names one specific name that has surfaced is Danny Ainge. He could be a good fit for this team because not only is he from Eugene, but his work with the Boston Celtics should to be commended. He would bring a winning attitude to this organization and the chance to turn them around.

Wish 2: After you find someone to make personal decisions; you need someone to lead the team from the sideline. For the first time since 2005 the Blazers are looking for a new head coach. Currently Kaleb Canales is coaching the team and I believe he should at least be considered for permanently earning the position. His journey through the organization is truly inspiring. One person who I think the team should hire as the new head coach is someone who can bring a new exciting brand of basketball to the Rose Garden. He also spent the 2000-2001 season as an assistant coach with the Blazers. That man is…Mike D’Antoni. He has proven to be a winner. We all know his track record both Phoenix and New York, but given the chance to run this team I think he could do great things.


Wish 3
: The Blazers have the money and draft picks to make plenty of moves this offseason. With them they can address the teams two biggest needs: point guard and center. An obvious choice to bring is Steve Nash. He knows D’Antoni’s system and has thrived in it. But I’m going to go a different way in choosing a point guard. The big fish on the market is Deron Williams. He would be a good fit and a sure fire upgrade from what the team has now. Not only is he near or in the prime of his career, but he also knows LaMarcus Aldridge. The two of them grew up in Texas together. They are around the same age and would be able to create a new core for this team going forward.


As for the center position I feel the Blazers should use one of their draft picks and draft a center. Many of the NBA experts are saying that this year’s draft is “deep”. Since the Blazers will most likely be picking in the top 10, I’m sure there will be a good center available when the Blazers are on the clock. I would pick someone like Tyler Zeller from UNC who is 6’11” and can play both center and power forward. He would fit well into an up-tempo system, which D’Antoni runs.

When the NBA season comes to an end the adventure begins for this organization and the desire to put this season behind them and look forward towards building a team for the future. As a fan I have my wishes for this team and feel that if they are able to make my wishes come true then they will have a bright future.



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