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Apr 07

Felton development

By mbmurr1
Why has it taken ray the entire season to play like an all-star? Had he played like this all season, Trailblazer fans would have embraced him but instead he played like a scrub most of the season and put us in a hole. Now with draft status on the line and relatively no chance at the playoffs he looks to be playing out of his mind. I think it is too little too late. People will remember the inconsistency of the early part of the season. I also think he has a lot of potential for the future and that is why we traded away an excellent pg in Miller. The off-season workouts will show if he wants to be the pg of Portland's future. Work hard to gain the love of the Portland fans and become part of something bigger then yourself..... a championship team. ROLL ON BLAZERS UPRISE TO FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!
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