Apr 06

Kurt Thomas And Russell Academy Read To Achieve

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Trail Blazers big-man Kurt Thomas joined Blaze the Trail Cat and Kia Motors to honor the efforts of students at Russell Academy. Each student was challenged to keep track of their spring break reading by logging the minutes that he or she read each day. Their efforts were be celebrated by Kia Motors and the Trail Blazers' Read to Achieve initiative, which encourages youth to read outside of school.

“We had a great time today,” Thomas said. “Came out to the school, wanted to show a little support to the school here and the kids for how hard they worked and the time that they put in reading.”

“Literacy is very important. If you wanna be successful in this world you have to be able to communicate with people,” Thomas said. “So definitely knowing how to read is a start.”

After meeting Thomas and Blaze all the students recited the reading pledge, “I promise to read everyday, every way, that I can. I will read books, I will read magazines, I will read newspapers, I will even read bumper stickers. I will read to achieve.”

Check out a full photo gallery of the celebration.


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