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Mar 31

J.J. Hickson

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers
If last nights emergence of a possible star in J.J. holds up and we sign him and Batum to long term contracts, this will free us up to move L.A. to center or make a trade of Lamarcus, who fans love but is not the aggressive PF we are used to seeing, he is more like Dirk which is not a bad thing at all if he played center it would pull the opposing center out to the wing and free up J.J. in the paint. At the moment L.A. is worth a lot on the trade market as a current all-star..... Last night reminded me of basketball 20 years ago when a Power Forward was aggressive and took the ball to the rim with authority and rebounded like a beast. I'm not sure but I think last night was J.J. Hickson's break-out game of his young career. Tough is what I think people should think of when they say "TRAILBLAZERS ", right now I think the best description would be Passive or Finesse, I'm not saying I want the jailblazers back but a little (I dare you to step in the paint and every rebound is mine and watch this I'm going to score on you now just try to stop me) would be nice in portland for a change. Camby had a little of this but he was no threat to score. I think Hickson has all of this in him and if we added a GREAT point guard and in the draft add A. Davis, Portland would have no true competition in the NBA (mabey on a good night the HEAT, BULLS or LAKERS could get a win).  
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