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Mar 30

Why make a trade?

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers
If the guys you trade for just sit on the bench why did we trade for them in the first place? Did we really want a second round pick? I think we could have received more for Camby then a second round pick unless the 2 guys we got in the trade pan out for our team future. Johnny Flynn has the potential to be a top 5 guard in this league but not if he sits on the bench. Thabeet has 6 fouls to give a game, he is the tallest man currently in the NBA. I say give him some minutes and lets see what kind of work ethic he demonstrates, he just might surprise some people. I'm not saying he is better then Joel, but if he has no opportunities how can he be evaluated. Hasheem is only 25 years old and 2 years in the league. Johnny is 23 and only 2 years in the league. They were both lottery picks with massive potential. I say get them both on the floor and see what they can do. Does anyone in Portland know the word injury? In the position the team is in why play Lamarcus or Nicholas in a season where we don't really have a chance to even make the playoffs let alone go anywhere when we get there. So we should say Lamarcus and Nicholas have injuries and sit them the rest of the season. Next play the bench to see what they can give for our future (sift off the dirt and keep the gold) Then look at the draft and really find who we want with our picks (you can't tell me the team actually wanted Nolan Smith more then Kenneth Faried) then make those picks without intervention from other teams. Next we look at free agency, target 1 or 2 guys then go out and get them, this may sound simple and actually it is, Make someone a top offer then show them you want to put together a team to rival the Lakers, Heat, Bulls etc.   
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