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Mar 30

Summer of Deron?

By cmeese47 Posted in: Blazers, NicolasBatum

Your goal if you choose to accept it is to transform the Portland Trailblazers from a lottery team to NBA championship contenders.

-Remember if you are making trades make them realistic. Miami will never trade us Lebron so if you include that in your response or similar trades you will lose all credibility. I know Portland has some smart fans so let us act that way.

-Do not forget that unless Portland lands back in the lottery next year we will not have a 1st round draft pick (owed to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace).

-Be wary of the salary cap. For this thread, it will be set at 58.04 million.

-Do not forget the cap holds Note Portland Currently has 40.5 million in cap holds meaning we have 0-cap room unless we re-sign, lose or renounce our rights to players.

- For the simulation Portland gets the #5, #10, #39, #42 picks in the draft.

Portland has a long ways to go from where they are right now in order to contend for a title. So we have lots of work.

Since the salary cap, issue is complex I will break things down for you.

First Portland would have a cap hold for their two first round picks this year.

#5 $2,812,200

#10 $1,865,300

That is $4,677,500 in tied up cap space.

In addition, Portland has a cap hold of $40,540,975 from J. Pryzbilla, H. Thabeet, R. Felton, J. Flynn, N. Batum, and JJ.Hickson.

-Portland also has $27,128,290 tied up in L. Aldridge, W. Matthews, L. Babbit, N. Smith, E. Williams, C. Smith and K. Thomas.  Note Sarah Hecht has suggested that K. Thomas or C. Smith is under contract for next year. If she were correct, that would free up an additional $2,422,090. However, that amount is likely to be spent buying out S. Williams this off-season. So the numbers for my simulation are not likely to change.

-S. Williams has a Player Option for $3,135,000

-J. Crawford has a Player Option for $5,225,000 if both options are exercised Portland 2012-2013 salaries would be $35,488,290. Add in the Cap holds for the 1st round picks and Portland is at $40,165,790. Things get even worse if you add in the cap holds from our current free agents. That would mean Portland is looking at a team salary of $80,706,765. In other words zero cap room. So obviously we have some work to do in order to sign some free agents that our not our own.

-Note Portland also has to factor in $1,045,600 to their cap for V. Claver and $850,800 for J. Freedland unless Portland renounces their rights to them. They do not count against the cap during the season but do for Free Agency.

My Off-season

Step One- Renounce draft rights to V. Claver and J Freedland. Neither player has played at all for the organization so rather than keep paying them we should just cut our losses and move on.

Step Two- J. Crawford and S. Williams opt out of their current deals saving us $8,360,000 and reducing our team salaries to $72,346,765. Note Williams is likely to Opt-in requiring Portland to buy him out, which will reduce our cap space. See above for how it effects the simulation.

Step Three- Renounce our rights to H. Thabeet, J. Flynn and R. Felton.  This would cut $26,156,880 from our cap figure leaving us at $46,189,885 and $11,854,115 in cap room.

Step Four- Making a qualifying offer to N. Batum $3,166,231 Note this does not affect his cap hold unless he accepts the qualifying offer. 

Step Five- Renounce our rights to JJ Hickson this would raise our cap room to $18,917,726. Note This was written before his stellar play the last few games. I am not sure he is a long-term answer but we could do worse.

Scenario One or the Deron Scenario

Step One- Offer D. Williams a Max contract 4 yrs, 74 Million, which is a $17,779,458 cap figure for next season. If Williams signs with Portland, we would only have $1,138,268 in cap room left.

Step Two- Resign N. Batum 4 yrs, 38 Million teams will likely front load their offer sheets forcing Portland to eat up most of their mid-level exception to retain him.

Step Three- Take the remainder of the mid level exception and sign Ian Mahinmi.

Step Four-Resign J. Pryzbilla vet min.

Step Four- Draft Andre Drummond #5 Plays in the post is a natural center and has a tremendous upside worth the risk.

Step Five- Trade the #10 pick to Boston for pick #16 and a second round pick

Step Six- Draft John Henson #16 He is a game changer defensively and is a great rebounder. 

Step Seven- Trade Pick #39 and #42 to Memphis for pick #23

Step Eight- Draft Doron Lamb #23 Great scorer and shot nearly 50% in two year from 3 pt range. 

Step Nine- Draft Jesse Sanders with Boston’s 2ND Round Pick. Averaged 12.5 ppg 8.0 apg and 7.8 rpg those are Jason Kidd like numbers in a second round package. 

Your 2012-2013 Trailblazers

PG Deron Williams

PG Nolan Smith

PG Jesse Sanders

SG Nicolas Batum

SG Doron Lamb

SF Wesley Matthews

SF Elliot Williams

SF Luke Babbit

PF Lamarcus Aldridge

PF Craig Smith *Likely not on the roster next year.

PF John Henson

C Andre Drummond

C Ian Mahinmi

C Joel Przybilla

I do not know if this team would be title contenders but they certainly would be deep and should be quite good defensively. If the young players developed this team could become title contenders in a few years.


  1. I agree with a lot you have said. I think that Portland should keep Hickson for sure, and maybe keep Flynn if they can. I would also like to give Felton another chance here. He has started to come around and his passing and court vision has improve. I agree, Deron Williams has to be the top target, and we should go all out for him. If Deron is out of the question, I target these free agents:

    PG- Goran Dragic
    PG- George Hill
    SF- Mickael Pietrus
    SF- Jeff Green
    C- Roy Hibbert

    All of these players are relatively cheap, except for Green. Again, if Williams is out of the picture, we can price the heck out of Hibbert.

    Draft- this draft is a "best player available" for the Blazers (Nets) pick

    With our Nets pick I think we take any of the following
    Andre Drummond- C- UConn
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- SF- Kentucky
    Bradley Beal- SG- Florida
    I doubt MKG will be there, because he almost seems a lock for either 2 or 3, but you never know

    Our lottery pick depends on who we pick with the NJ pick. If we take Drummond, I think we go with the other home-grown SF from Kentucky; Terrence Jones, or the lights out SG Jeremy Lamb from UConn

    Two lineups I would like depending on the scenario:
    Williams in

    PG- Williams, N. Smith
    SG- Matthews, Williams
    SF- Batum, T. Jones, Babbitt
    PF- Aldridge, Hickson
    C- Drummond, Przybilla

    Williams out

    PG- Felton, Dragic
    SG- Matthews, Lamb, Williams
    SF- Batum, Pietrus, Babbitt
    PF- Aldridge, Hickson
    C- Hibbert, Drummond

    Agree that this would not be a title contender immediately, but we would be much deeper and a Western contender

    by abarrer3 on 3/31/2012 3:51 PM
  2. by abarrer3 on 3/31/2012 3:52 PM
  3. i quite like the idea of Hibbert, i don't know why anyone would want to trade LA, he's one of the best forwards in the game and perfect to build a team around, I'm skied for next season if we can resign nic and get a few good draft picks

    by mattystars on 3/31/2012 9:11 PM
  4. I do not mind the idea of Hibbert but I think he will cost around 12 mil a year and that is just to much money for this team. Javale McGee is a good option who will likely be cheaper. Both of them are a lot better than Brook Lopez.

    by cmeese47 on 4/1/2012 8:34 PM
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