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Mar 29

NBA Fit Spring Break Camp

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The Trail Blazers third annual NBA Fit Spring Break Hoops Camp took place March 26 through March 28 at PCC Sylvania.  

The camp, sponsored by Rebound Orthopedic and Neurosurgery, featured appearances from Interim Head Coach Kaleb Canales and guards Jamal Crawford and Wesley Matthews. Click here for more photos of the event. Click here to find out more about participating in upcoming hoops camps.

Wesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers guard: "We do it every year. It's a lot of fun. I was tired going into it but you're always rejuvenated when you see basketball in it's purest form. Kids are excited to see you and excited to play basketball."

Kaleb Canales, Portland Trail Blazers interim head coach: "Tremendous time. Any time we can spend quality time with kids, children of Portland is a fun time. I think the organization does a great job of making it better and any time we can get out into the community, we're going to embrace that."

Wesley Matthews: "At first, I always want the kids to have fun. I want to have fun, want to show kids that basketball is fun and let them remind me that basketball is fun. I think the teaching part just comes out naturally. It depends on the age of the kids, but you're never too young to learn the fundamentals and little tricks to the game. "

Kaleb Canales: "For me, basketball is pure all the way around. That's how I approach it. Very blessed and fortunate to be able to coach it every day. The one thing is those kids ask you a lot of tough questions in the Q&A sessions. They keep us on our toes."

Wesley Matthews, on if he ever lets campers win: "Never. Never. Not if I can help it. You're not going to get to tell your parents you beat me at anything. Not without me putting up a fight."

Kaleb Canales:
"Worked those camps before, had a lot of fun with coach Bobby Medina. It's always a good time."


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