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Mar 22

Nolan Smith And Blaze Visit Felida Elementary

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Trail Blazers rookie Nolan Smith, Blazer the Trail Cat and other Trail Blazers staff members participated in an interactive, fun assembly to congratulate the Felida Elementary community on their continued excellence in raising funds for the American Heart Association through the Hoops for Heart and Jump Rope for Heart programs. Click here from more photos from the event.

Nolan Smith, Trail Blazers rookie: "This is very comfortable for me, to come out and speak to kids or if it's me randomly speaking to a kid in public about it. I can just do it naturally and feel comfortable talking to somebody, give them a lift, you know?"

John Ling, American Heart Association: "Felida Elementary has done the "Jumprope For Heart" program since 1991, which helps raise money for the American Heart Association and raise awareness about heart disease in the community. Kids learn about heart health and taking care of their hearts as well. They've grown to be one of our largest supporters. They're one of my top schools, and I have basically SW Washington and all of western Oregon. They're probably one of my Top-2 schools. They do a fantastic job."

Nolan Smith: "We want people to be aware. Anything could happen. You want to be aware that your heart can go at any time. You can get checked, be as healthy as you want to be and it could happen all the sudden. We want people to get checked, workout, exercise for those who aren't doing that, so you can keep your heart as strong as possible so you can live as long as you can."

John Ling: "They fundraiser for a couple three weeks and they have a jumprope day and a basketball day. Some school just do jump or just do hoop; they do both.

"The fun thing is the Top-3 kids that raise the most funds get to go to a Trail Blazer game late in the season. They get to jumprope on court before the game. That's always a big draw for the kids to help us out."


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