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Aug 22

Odds And Ends !

By soundman58

The Trailblazers Next Move should be to Sign Lamarcas Aldridge ,which accorrding to Mike Rice ,Merlin ,whom Im a Big Fan off ,should happen very soon ,although courtside is three
weeks away ! I guess I will have to Stay tuned to wheels at work to hopefully gett the up
and comming annoucement of Lamarcases signning ! Ive always considered Lamarcas to be
in the Tim Duncan  level of talent in his style of play ,that is when he reaches his potential
in his style of play ,which Lamarcas definently will ,its only a matter of time for it to happen !
I think Lamarcas has a better long range shot ,than Duncan ,and maybe a future  potentially
consistent shot ,although Nate would best like him to stay around the basket ,help get rebounds
, block shots ,and you his low post moves ,jump shots to be  the most effective player for the blazers !
I hope that Duante Cunningham ,can develop a a potentially consistent 3 point shot ,to add to
his scoring arsenal ! Who Knows he already have a 3 point shot we havent seen yet ! But I susspect
that Nate would like to see Duante be most effective around the basket ,with his low post moves ,jump shot
, rebounding ,blocked shots ,and occassional steals ! And Does Andre Miller have a 3 point shot hidden
in his scoring arsenal that we havent seen yet ! Or could he potentially develop a potentialliy consistent 3
point shot that he could use to help ease the scoring load on his teamates ,and free up open shots !
I would say that Andre is best suited for ball distrbuting to other teamates around him ,bieng a good jump
shooter ,thats becomming a lost art today ,with  3 point shooting being relied to heavly apon ! And
dont forget Andre is a  fairly good free shooter too ,along with his knack of an occasional steal ,and
even a blocked shot or 2 ! He has a God given gifted talent of seeing the ball way down the court , and
seeing  where the play should go , before it ever developes ! Not a lot of point gaurds in the NBA can
do that today ! If They ever play Andre ,and Steve toghether ,you can bet the house that steve will be
shooting more 3 pointers ,with his fully healed arm !


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