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Mar 17

The Blazers had lost their idenity and their swagger. Nobody knew their role and Nate McMillan just plain lost control. As a result, the Portland Trail Blazers organization decided to clean house. They started by shipping Gerrald Wallace away for cap space and a lottery pick in the upcoming draft.  But they didn't stop there. Shortly after, our beloved MAR-CUS-CAM-BY was shipped to Houston for a 2012 second round pick and two former first round picks (2nd and 6th pick) from the 2009 NBA draft A.K.A 25yr old 7 foot 3 Center Hasheem Thabeet and 22yr old point guard Johnny Flynn. Then to top it all off the Blazers decided to part ways will long time coach Nate McMillan. Nate had clearly lost control of his players and it showed on the court with flagrant fouls, selfish play, and turnover after turnover.

So I guess that means it's time to rebuild, throw in the towel, and start thinkin about next year. Continue to look disfunctional, unmotivated, and overated until the seasons over. Were going to miss the playoffs and all we'll have to show for it is another first round pick which i'm sure we will blow as always. NOT! SO! FAST! The Blazers aren't going to win the 2012 NBA Championship. I REPEAT the Blazers are not going to win the 2012 NBA Championship.  However, if you believe that this team is going to roll over and die lets look at the facts. Nic Batum and Raymond Felton are in contract years. Nolan Smith and Luke Babbit are former 1st round picks with something to prove. With Geralld Wallace gone Wesley Mathews will return to the starting SG spot and Batum will slide over to the starting SF spot giving Jamal Crawford the opportunity to do what he does best, be the 6th man. Everyones role has now become much more clear. There will be more minutes to allocate out to players giving them a chance to iron out the creases and build some confidence. Lastly, the newly apointed interm coach Caleb Kanales is the next Eric Spolestra. Four years ago Kanales was the video intern for the Blazers, and now he's the head coach. The guy is a ligtning rod with a much needed-new look outlook on offense to go with a great understanding for defense.

My prediction? Somehow, someway a first round exit for the 4th year in a row.  But after a year that saw the Blazers lose Brandon Roy to retirement and Greg Oden to injury. And after a year that saw us start off 7-2 and become everyones cinderella pick to go to the Western Conference finals. And after we just shipped away two of our starting five players. I think a playoff appearance would be a victory in any Blazers fans eyes. Book It!


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