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Mar 17

Trail Blazers at the Trade Deadline

By Mike Love
The moves by the Blazers at the deadline shows me one thing about this organization, they have given up on this year.  I know that no team would admit to this, but I actually think its a good idea. 

Hear me out.

I love seeing the Blazers win, and consequently I HATE seeing them lose.  These last several years have been toeing the line between success and failure, not quite achieving either.  This is the absolute worst place for a team to be.  Winning enough game to consistently be on the fringes of the playoffs doesn't do anything for a franchise.  It creates an atmosphere of mediocrity and hinders the teams ability to pick up prime talent in the draft.  With the acquisition of the several expiring contracts and the first round pick in an upcoming draft the Blazers have positioned themselves to take great strides next year, though they didn't seem to answer any of the pressing issues for this years team.  Despite the logjam at guard the organization decided to stay pretty much pat on that front.  To me, this shows that the organization believes in Felton more than the fans do.  I think they see a very adept distributor in Felton that has found success in many of his previous locations.  They're banking on the fact he'll pick his game up, which I do not doubt.  

The team is prepping for a rebuild over the next few years.  This transition period is inevitable for small market teams, its just depressing when we executed a rebuild to near perfection just half a decade ago, to see it destroyed by the frailty of northwest knees.  The Trailblazers made some moves, and didn't make others, to try and beef up the crumbling foundation of the Roy years.  Its not a complete rebuild, more of a remodel.  

Hopefully next year we'll get the remodeled and replenished version of a Blazers team that has gone through more than its share of hardship.


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