Mar 16

It's not a surrender its a retreat

By blazermaniac94 Posted in: Blazers, LaMarcusAldridge, NicolasBatum, WesleyMatthews
    It's amazing how fast Rise With Us had turned into Rebuild With Us.  The once bright future of the Portland Trailblazers rested on the shoulers of three players.  Unfortunately, the two of those players whose shoulders held the future of the franchise didn't have strong enough knees to support them.  After a few injury riddled years which th team spent fighting to make the playoff the team has finally admitted defat.

 However, this is not a full fledged surrender and it isn't complete rebuilding.  Instead it is a simple retreat.  The blazers have decided to fight another day and have cut there losses.  With probably two lottery picks and a ton of capspace in the upcoming free agency the blazer have deceided to re-tool. They will have Aldridge, Batun, and Matthews as they're core going into next season which isn't that bad of a start.  With the Nets top three protected first round pickin the up coming draft we could get a potential franchise player.  I think with the first pick the blazers should go with Jared Sullinger from Ohio State, but I am hopeful that Andre Drummond the UConn center will fall to us.  If not one of those two the blazers should pick someone who can get their own shot which we desperately need.  Then we have our pick which should be a lottery pick.  With this pick we could go in a number of directions, but it reallly matters what we do with the first pick.

Who we pick in the draft also depends on who we pick up in free agency.  Besides, Deron Williams, no superstar will be available and I dought Williams would want to come here.  That said there are a few free agents I think the blazers should at least look at.  For point guards we should at least look at Steve Nash who wold be a nice pick up to be a bridge for us or a mentor for someone we pick up in the draft, Aaron Brooks (restricted free agent), Kirk Hinrich, and Goran Dragich.  There aren't as many shooting guards that I like, but OJ Mayo is restricted and we would also have enough money to go after him; also Nick Young interests me.  The major small forwards are all restricted or have team options so I don't see the blazers going after anyone major.  At the power forward position we have Lamarcus so I dont see a major move here besides a solid back up like Brandon Bass or Carl Landry.  Finally the center position where I would like to see the blazers going after someone like Chris Kaman as a bridge or even a Roy Hibber who is a restricted free agent.

What about you who would you like to see the blazer get through the draft or free agency?


  1. Austin Rivers is a promising Combo Guard if he declares for the draft. Two local players, Terrence Jones, who is kind of like a Perry Jones, both players are big forwards with guard skills. Terrence Ross is like Wes Matthews, except he can move without the ball and shoot off picks. Other intriguing player to me are offensive superstar Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, Jared Sullinger and Quincy Miller, mostly forwards and centers.

    by foxrlu on 3/16/2012 10:27 PM
  2. I like Terrence Jones he would be a good pick up. Also Andre Drummond but most mock drafts have him getting picked by the hornets or raptors before us.

    by blazermaniac94 on 3/17/2012 8:21 AM
  3. Yeah, if he fell to the fifth sixth pick, I would really like to pick him up

    by foxrlu on 3/17/2012 1:18 PM
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