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Mar 12

Much Needed Win!

By dljensen
It was really nice to see the Blazers win.  I loved the hustle and the fight in them.  I know they must be frustrated with the way things are going and I hope this puts some of the confidence back into them for the upcoming games.  I am sorry to hear about EW and hope that he will return soon, he is a great spark off the bench.  Does Camby miss any games with a flagrant 2?  I am not sure if that is true.  I like the way LA was charging the basket and getting to the free throw line more.  It shows aggressiveness and that is what they need to continue to do.  I also wish Nate would not take them out as soon as they make a mistake, I think it causes the team to play stiff and not loose.  They need to NOT fear they will be taken out (at least the first time) they mess up or miss a play or shot, let them play through a while and if they continue to mess up, then take them out. It's like a reprimand and not coaching, to me anyway.  GO BLAZERS!! BEAT THE PACERS!!
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