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Mar 09


By dljensen
Okay Blazers, make me proud and win this game tonight for the home team!!  We have struggled in the past but this is a new day and I KNOW we have the talent to bring this win back to the RG!!  I will be watching via my phone updates since I will not be at home and don't have Comcast or access to the internet.  Praying for the confidence for all of the players to come out and beat this "old" team.  Love all of you guys and will be listening to Wheels and Tone on Saturday as we take on the Wizards another team we can beat!!  GO BLAZERS!!  I hate listening to all the trade rumors, too.  It must be hard to concentrate on winning for a team that wants to get rid of you.  I hope everyone comes out strong and makes baskets and defends on the other end and proves that THIS team is worth reckoning with.  It is that time, time to step up and prove to us and yourselves that you have the HEART, the DETERMINATION, the 'NO QUIT BATTLE", the SCRAP, the GRIT, ENERGY, TEAMWORK, FOCUS to win these games and come home PROUD!!  Love my Blazers!!
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