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Mar 08

Trade time

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers
This weekend looks to be exciting as many teams are looking to trade up-down-sideways to get talent. I think we should trade felton to the Lakers for their top 1st round pick if we cannot find a trade including felton for rondo. I think we should push for the NJ trade with Orlando where we give up Wallace and receive two 1st round picks. I think we should look to trade for Kaman from N.O. as long as Batum is no part of the deal. We should look to dump players with expiring contracts for 1st round draft picks. We should look to keep Aldridge, Batum, Smith, Johnson, Williams, Przybilla and Crawford if we cannot get a 1st rounder for him. Then in the draft we should look to trade these picks for two top 5 picks and get the top C-PF (Davis) in the draft and the best PG on the board with the second pick. Any thoughts?
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