Mar 05

Trail Blazers Prepare For Monster Roadie After Healing Home Win

By sarahhecht
It’s no secret the Trail Blazers needed a solid outing tonight at the Rose Garden as they closed a three-game home-stand and prepare to embark on a monster seven-game road trip.

They got what was needed in what Nicolas Batum called a “healing” 86-74 defeat of the New Orleans Hornets. Now, at .500, they head out on a challenging road trip where they’ll test their hearts and execution against Minnesota, Boston, Washington, Indiana, New York, Chicago and Oklahoma City—five of whom are above .500 themselves.

Every man on this roster knows the importance of this trip.They know, just as every fan in Rip City knows, that we’re at a point in the season where you can’t avoid the narrowing of the playoff window, it’s simple math. The schedule has now become an opponent.

“We’re 28 games remaining and I’m thinking you’re going to need around 38, 40 wins to get into this playoffs,” Head Coach Nate McMillan said.

With Portland now sitting at 19 wins, they’ll need to go 19-9 to finish the season to hit McMillan’s prediction of 38 wins. That said, the importance of this road trip becomes incredible.

Team Captain LaMarcus Aldridge stated it simply, “It’s big. We gotta go out and take care of business. This road trip can make or break us playoff wise. I think guys know that.”

Know they do... It was written all over their faces in the locker room tonight. Here are the parting words of a few of the guys. Each of whom knows they have thirteen days and seven opportunities to add to the win column. An absolute must.

Gerald Wallace

“It has nothing to do about the road trip. It’s games period. We only got like 25, 27 more games left. Every game is important. We don’t wanna go into the playoffs as the bottom seed, we feel like we a better team than that so every game is important to us whether it’s on the road or at home.”

Kurt Thomas

“If you want to be successful in this league you have to win on the road. We’ve definitely shown that we can win at home, but for us to be successful in this league and definitely going into the post season we have to win on the road.”

“It’s gonna be a big challenge for us. Going into a hostile environment is always tough but as long as we support each other and stick to our game plan and stick to what we’re supposed to do out there on the floor offensively and defensively we’ll be okay.”

Nicolas Batum

“I think a good road trip for us. We gonna play against good team and it’s gonna be huge for us. Good, I’m pretty excited about it.”

“We gotta get focused every night on this road trip. We gotta be focused every night on any game, but especially on this one. We’re gonna play against Minnesota, Boston, DC who kick us, New York, Indiana, OKC, Chicago.”

Raymond Felton

“I feel like myself. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I think it’ll be healing. I think it’s a good thing that can bring teams together. Especially towards the end of the season. And the way we’ve been up and down I think it can kinda stabilize us and bring us together. We know we need these wins and we gotta come together and get em.”


  1. Hey Miss Sarah: A win always helps clear the air; having lost so many games our backs are against the wall the rest of the way, I think we play better as underdogs
    All in all the schedule is what it is so, lets get it on. we will be OK.

    by Hg on 3/6/2012 12:25 AM
  2. Hopefully, they will follow through on these sentiments. Not giving up when things get tough. Not letting mental blocks keep them down. Starting the games well so they do not have to scratch their way out of holes. Thinking of every game like it is game 7, do or die! They just gotta remember Blazer fans do not give up on them if they do not give up on themselves! Good luck guys we are all rooting for you! Come back to Portland victorious! :)

    by Niki C on 3/6/2012 1:10 AM
  3. Nice blog Sarah. I really hope this time, they can get over the hump in games, or better yet, come out strong and stay strong throughout. This trip is it for them. Blow it, and they are almost certainly done. If they come back 4-3 or 5-2, well then, there is a LOT of hope for the rest of the season. Like LA has said a few times, it's time to walk the walk.

    by SisillaRiann on 3/7/2012 2:12 PM
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