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Mar 04

Should i be worried??

By dljensen
I am getting a little or a lot concerned about this team.  How can we change so much from the first 10 games.  Where did the confidence go? Can they come back from the hole they have gotten themselves into?  Should I be worried about next season?  I love the talent that we have but if they can't gel and play together we need to do something to spark this team to give them the desire, the confidence that they can beat these teams.  I am afraid to watch this road trip but know they need to win most of the games coming up or it is no playoffs at all, let alone getting out of the first round.  Is it the coach?  I love McMillan, but I hear a lot of people ragging on him that he is not a good coach for this team.  I am bewildered!! GO BLAZERS!!  BEAT NEW ORLEANS!!
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  1. I think the road trip will tell the story. Now's the time to rise. The talent is clearly there. If they don't pull together and rise to the ocassion, it seems the coaching staff may be the first place to look. Second in my book would be to L.A. We are all looking for him to emerge at the team leader. It seems that G.W. is the inspirational leader, along with Camby. It's time to L.A. to be an All-Star leader and inspiration like he's an All-Star player.

    by Blazermanialives on 3/5/2012 4:02 PM
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