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Mar 01


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Last night it was evident that as a team the Portland Trailblazers are underachievers. Let's start at the point...... Felton can not handle the ball with enough control to lead the team although he is trying, Lamarcus may be an all-star but I saw him NOT JUMP for several rebounds that were his easily with effort but instead 2-3 Heat players out-jumped him and took the board away, he settles for the fade away jumper instead of driving to the hoop, dunking and taking the foul for and 1, Crash needs to crash the boards not crash..... flop to the floor all the time, Crawford is playing out of position because of Felton's shortcomings. The 2 players who I saw no fault with were Przybilla who looked good even with a year off, and Batum is playing out of his mind on defense and offense. If we are looking to improve the team Felton, Matthews, Wallace, Camby, and Oden need to be considered in our trade options. This leaves a starting line-up of PG-J.Crawford, SG-E.Williams, SF-N.Batum, PF-L. Aldridge, C-J. Przybilla with Smith, Smith, Thomas, Johnson, and Babbitt coming off the bench. Plus whoever we get in trade.... Wall, Irving, Nash? and draft picks looking to get Davis in the draft. The most important thing is resigning Batum. 
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  1. Yes, yes, yes - resign Batum has to be number 1!! I'm excited to see Joel back. I agree wholeheartedly with considering trading Felton, Oden or Matthews. I gotta say I disagree on G-Man and Camby. Whatever shortcomings he may have, Wallace brings an energy that no one else does. And it's badly needed. And the Camby man is often the only one looking for rebound and block shots. Just my thinking. It seems every commentator out there echoes the notion of underachieving...it's time for the team to find a way to gel. And here's for a really crazy idea...after watching L.A. every game this season - how about considering him a trade while his value is high? The effort he gives seems inconsistent. I'd take Jose and Andrea from Toronto for L.A. You?

    by Blazermanialives on 3/4/2012 11:05 AM
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