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Feb 28

All-Star Blog Contest: 12 Rhymes From #12!

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#12’s Captain’s Blog In 12 Rhymes


I’ve never been to the All-Star Game- a fact Blazer fans know is tragic,

But this year they called my name- I’m reporting live from the home of the Magic,

People (like Lebron) said me missing last year was an all-time snub,

But from my day I joined the Blazers, I’ve proved that I’m no scrub,

I arrived in Rip City by way of UT in my home state Texas,

With a jumper as silky-smooth as the steering on a luxury Lexus,


You see not many big-men can run or have shooting range like NASA’s nifty lasers,

So with my boy B-Roy et al, we began to turn around Portland’s beloved Blazers,


As our win-total grew we started appearing in the playoffs,

But injuries and bad luck led to frustratingly-long summer layoffs,


But we will never ever give up on our mission to be great,

And I worked tirelessly to improve under the guidance of Coach Nate,


I also hope to join Coach in London on the search for gold,

But before we get to that, the rest of this year’s Rip City Tale must be told,


Cause though we’ve lost B-Roy and G.O. each to devastating surgery,

Saying that we’re done is committing blatant b-ball perjury,


My inside game grows stronger and our Frenchman continues to blossom,

While Gerald and Old Man Camby add up to be crafty and awesome,


Our point-play will get better as will Wesley and Crawford’s shooting,

And before you know what happened the Rose-G will be hollering and hooting,


You see Rip City United’s future will make us forget all the tough times and pain,

And the next stop is the playoffs so you better hop aboard The All-Star’s L-Train,


Cause this time we plan to leave at very least a first-round carcass,

Well, I gotta go play with these all-stars peace out, #12 LaMarcus!


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