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Feb 28

Contest Entry: The L-Train Through the Eyes of a 15 Year Old Basketball Fan

By foxrlu Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
     I'm fifteen, and as a teenager, I enjoy a variety of things, two of them being food and basketball. When I mean food, I really mean snacks, and who doesn't love snacking (Ray Felton and his cupcakes agree). Usually, snacks come in the form of things in your refrigerator, or things sitting around in your pantry, and even sometimes whatever you can find outside. You have things delicious like ice-cream or sandwiches (PB&J of course, or in my case just jam, my whole family's allergic to nuts including me), or you have decent snack foods like cereal or crackers or chips or apples, something along those lines. However, there is always one food that you can rely on to be there and one that's pretty good; it's different for everyone but like the weird teenager I am, for me its cereal. This staple snack food, whatever it is, is reliable, you can always depend on it to deliver, and it's pretty good if not great.
Now this only somewhat like Lamarcus, unlike your staple food, not only is he decent and satisfying, he is beyond that. Lamarcus is a star, franchise player. He is offensively dominant and defensively great, in my opinion a lot better than about every power-forward in the league (*cough *cough Kevin Love aka "best power forward in the league") save maybe Dirk. In a more statistical, analytical, explaination, Lamarcus is dominant and improving. Everything is up, field goal percentage (50%-50.6%), his scoring (21.8-22.3ppg), his steals (1.0 to 1.1) all in four less minutes a game. Literally across the board he is better per 36 minutes, meaning he's more effective per minute. He often bails out our offense when things aren't going right and he is developing into an on and off the court leader. Against Kevin Love (I can't stress enough that too many people think he is the best), he has overall outplayed him throughout their careers in 9 games, almost grabbing as many boards(9.4 to 10.1), scoring way more (22.6 to 12.3) with a 10% higher field goal percentage as well as higher assist totals, steal totals, and block totals. This is Lamarcus versus one of the best offensive power fowards today and the best rebounding power forward.

Now, on a side note, when I had my media credentials, the only player that I barely saw was Lamarcus Aldridge. Sure, it's expected that he doesn't practice with the rookies and he starts shoot around a little later, but I just didn't really see him besides in the game, and when I did, he was surrounded by reporters, as I would expect as well. Off the court Lamarcus has been through a lot: his mom had cancer, he was snubbed from the all star game last year, he has a heart condition, he was formerly regarded as soft, he played behind one Zach Randolph (who chucked up too many shots and made only a small fraction of them), he was a third wheel of a "big three," and even recently, he crashed his ferarri, but these things didn't stop him from becoming the player he is today. In my point of view, L-Train was fueled by all these short comings (and I believe there are many more than I listed) to work even harder. Kobe said it about Jeremy Lin, players don't get that good overnight, in Lamarcus' case, Blazers fans like me and you watched it happen. We watched him develop into a starter, develop a post game, become an all-star and franchise player. I read in the Oregonian the other day, his success was really all about circumstance. We needed him because Greg and Brandon were down, so he stepped up. Before, he was traded to Portland because of one Kevin Pritchard. He overcame a heart problem and played while his mom was battling cancer. Lamarcus Aldridge isn't just strong on the court, he's strong off the court as well. Even though those circumstances arose, Lamarcus needed to be strong willed to prevail to where he is today. If he didn't, I don't think that right now we could consider him an elite power forward, or even a Blazer, as he would have been traded. In his first all-star game, seeing him make his first shot ever as an all-star was terrific, but he only played 10 minutes. He could possibly add a three point shot and hes getting better in the clutch as time goes on. In a game that is all fun dunks until the last 5 minutes; playing 10 minutes, in my mind will motivate Lamarcus, after all, he isn't even at his prime yet. Unlike cereal, he keeps getting better and better, and in my eyes, that's what makes him truly amazing.


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