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Feb 27

What a week!!

By dljensen
So much has happened in a week, I can't believe it.  LaMarcus in the All Star game (I wish he could have played more) and I thought he did great. The team signs Priz (so excited) and on the down size we lose Armon Johnson (maybe he will get more playing time) too. All in all not a bad week but a lot goin' on for a time off.  I hope "The Thrilla" will be a thrilling addition to the team and able to help the team out so Camby can get rest and Johnson more training from a veteran center.  So excited that my husband can wear his Jersey (Prizbilla) again (if he has the same number)!!! I want to get an Aldridge All Star Jersey, they look so cool.  Hope they have them in the Blazer store!!  Looking forward to going to a game again.  It seems like forever since I've been and it's only been a week!! Weird right??  I was fun following the guys on Twitter and seeing what they did for vacation time. Now back to work, Beat Denver!!     GO BLAZERS!!!


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