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Feb 25

LaMarcus Aldridge: The Begining of a New Era of Blazer Basketball

By williamkerney Posted in: allstar, Blazers, fans, future, LaMarcusAldridge, ripcityunited

9 years ago the Portland Trail Blazer fan base was dealing with a team that was beyond terrible, a team that as Bonzi Wells put it "...really don't matter to us. They can boo us every day, but they're still going to ask for our autographs if they see us on the street." The fans didn't care for the team members and the team members didn't care for the fans. But what a difference 9 years can make. The Blazers gave fans a 25 point pledge, and it took a couple of years, but slowly they have come to deliver on it. They have taken a franchise that was virtually in shambles, and brought up a playoff team that everyone in the city is proud of. The centerpieces of this reemergence were Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, and LaMarcus Aldridge.  Brandon Roy was showcased, rightfully for a couple of years before he ultimately had to retire due to bad knees, and Greg Oden is yet to deliver anything for the Blazers except some lude images on the internet. While all of this was going on though, LaMarcus Aldridge was a "Silent assassin", putting up big numbers and getting little to no credit. It started before he ever hit an NBA floor however, on draft day he was drafted by the Bulls with the second overall pick and was promptly traded to Portland for Tyrus Thomas and Viktor Khryapa. His rookie season he posted 14.7 points per game as a starter alongside 8 rebounds a game as a starter and finished 5th in the NBA's All-Rookie team, but still was regarded as only the second-best to the surging Brandon Roy. In 2007, amid plantar fasciitis, Aldridge posted 17.8 points per game alongside 7.8 rebounds per game. LaMarcus has endured adversity and still posted numbers that are unreal, which is why it is great to see him be named an all-star this weekend. But Aldridge represents more than just the adversity he's faced and the numbers that he's put up, he represents the new era of Blazer basketball, an era where regardless of the result, the Blazers are one with each other as well as the fans. The Blazers had a huge corner to turn after the "Jail Blazer" era, but they have turned in with LaMarcus Aldridge in the driver's seat and the fans watching and appreciating in awe.


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