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Feb 25

LaMarcus Aldridge: Portland's Super Nova

By Jordan Bird Posted in: Blazers, LaMarcusAldridge

A supernova is defined as such: "supernova is a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. Supernovas are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy." 

There is no question LaMarcus Aldridge is our supernova. 

In a time of uncertainty and inconsistency, the Blazers and the city of Portland have always had one 6-11 240 pound man to fall back on. And finally, after being named "The biggest snub in the history of the all-star game" by Lebron James last year, LMA has been a mission to claim an all-star roster spot.

And boy did he claim it.

Last year I was the one of the few people that was actually happy that LaMarcus didn't make the all-star game. While I believed 100% that he deserved the honor over the likes of Tim Duncan, I felt that the rest would do him some good. What happened that next February was something nobody could have predicted. Going on an offensive tear throughout February, LaMarcus became only the third Trail Blazer ever to be named Western Conference player of the month, and when you're in the same conversation as Clyde the glide and Kelvin Ransey you must be doing something right. It was during that month that a star was born and every power forward in the NBA was put on notice. There's a new kid in town and he's not stopping for anyone.

LaMarcus has made huge strides in his development since coming to the NBA from the University of Texas. Instead of a jump shot first mentality he is now looking to pound the ball down low with a variety of post-up moves. However, the moment I knew the Blazers organization had someone special was during a post-game interview. The first two years of LaMarcus's career whenever he would do post-game interviews he would say "You know?" after every sentence, it just sounded as if he wasn't comfortable doing interviews or being in front of the camera. Then, last year, everything changed. I listened to him in a post-game interview and it was as if I was listening to an entirely different person. There was so much confidence in his voice, he looked comfortable, like a leader. 

This video sums up his transformation from his rookie year to where he is now. There is no way young LaMarcus Aldridge would get in the face of someone like that. He is showing the passion and heart our team needs to win a championship.

We are extremely lucky as an organization and as a city to have someone as classy and unselfish as LaMarcus. He embodies the true meaning of a professional athlete. He provides us hope in the mix of the tragedies our city as suffered with the untimely retirement of Brandon Roy and the injury woes of Greg Oden. Portland needed someone to stand up to the darkness, to be a hero, that man was and is LaMarcus Aldridge. He is our supernova, who's going to shine brighter than anyone else in Orlando. 

Thank you LMA for giving us something to believe when we needed it most, thank you for being the player I knew you were going to be, and thank you for loving our fans as much as we love you. I hope you stay a Blazer for the rest of your career and bring those 20 straight championships I keep telling everyone we're going to win. I'll always be in the 300 level going crazy when you're on the court. 

P.S. You without a doubt have my vote for best dressed, forget D-Wade...


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