Feb 23

From The Lone Star State to An All-Star State of Mind

By blazerdarren77
  Blazer fans can thank Shaquile O'Neal for changing LaMarcus Aldridge's mind of entering the NBA Draft in 2004 (I know it sounds sacrilegious) Had Aldridge entered the draft at the time, who knows if he would have ended up with the Blazers. Instead, he went on to play at the University of Texas, helping the Longhorns reach the Elite 8 in 2006. 

Blazer fans can also thank former GM Kevin Pritchard for making significant moves on Draft day that helped the team to acquire Aldridge, as well as Brandon Roy. Big things were happening in the Rose City. The Jail Blazer image was going away and a new era was on the horizon. In 2007, both were named to the NBA All-Rookie 1st team, with Brandon being named Rookie of the Year.

  In his first 5 seasons, LaMarcus didn't mind having Brandon being THE GUY. But LaMarcus knew he could step up when Brandon wouldn't be around. Case in point, last season LaMarcus led the team in scoring and minutes played with Brandon battling injuries all season long. This season, with the shocking retirement of Brandon, LaMarcus is now THE GUY. With him leading the team in scoring and minutes played this season, the NBA redeemed themselves by naming him to the All-Star game in Orlando (everyone with a basketball mind knows how he was robbed last year from the honor)

  Now the basketball world is finally getting to realize what Blazer fans already know about LaMarcus. He's been on the Jim Rome Show on radio and Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN.

Now we get to see his acting skills on the show Portlandia on IFC (Feb. 24 10 p.m.) Can't wait for that.

   As talented as LaMarcus is, he is also down to earth. He is willing to give to the community and help out with the Make it Better program. He is a very laid back individual off the court. He doesn't mind signing autographs and taking pictures with different fans. Basically, with Lamarcus, what you see is what you get.
  As Blazer fans, we are very grateful LaMarcus is OUR guy. With all the setbacks this organization has had, LaMarcus has been the one steady consonant. Yeah he has had his bumps and bruises and has missed a few games. That happens. But thankfully, he has been able to stay healthy for the most part. He continues to inspire as to what basketball should be.
  Yes the sky's the limit for LaMarcus. He's young. He's talented. AND best of all, he will get better. When it's all said and done, LaMarcus will rank as one of the Blazer all-time greats. Cannot wait for the day when they retire #12 in the rafters.



  1. hey pritchard is kp's last name. might make that change real quick like ;)

    by N8 Stout on 2/23/2012 11:04 PM
  2. thanks Stout; consider it done

    by blazerdarren77 on 2/24/2012 6:37 AM
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