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Feb 23

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LaMarcus Aldridge a.k.a Mr. Dependable

          When the season first began, the Blazers were again questioned about how good their team could be, due to off-season trades and the inevitable injuries that the Blazers face, what feels like every year (Greg Oden knee surgery and the retirement of Brandon Roy). If there was one bright spot that the Trail Blazers organization and their fans had to look forward to, it would be the dependable and exceptional play that LaMarcus Aldridge would supply and that is exactly what they got. The first time all-star has exceeded expectations by averaging 22.3 points per game, which ranks seventh on the NBA scoring list this season. Aldridge also tacked on 8.3 rebounds per game, while averaging an impressive 35.9 minutes per game! With the exception of a minor sprained ankle, LaMarcus has been the dependable and durable anchor that the Blazers have needed to begin their condensed season. Even with all these incredible, league leading statistics and gaining his first all-star game nomination, I believe the best is yet to come...        

          Aldridge has begun to hit his prime and he will only continue to strengthen all aspects of his game as the season continues and for years to come. With the sudden absence of Brandon Roy, Aldridge has begun to embrace his role as being the “go-to-guy” and continues to find success with that flattering label attached to his name, leading the Blazers to a 18-16 record and 6th in Hollinger’s Power Rankings , according to It’s fair to say that he is no longer, “Robin,” who was the sidekick to Brandon Roy, commonly referred to as “Batman” by Blazers television announcers Mike and Mike. The praise towards Portland’s newest all-star does not stop there. Arguably one of the most flattering compliments Aldridge has received is being placed on the United States Olympic basketball team’s player pool, for a chance to compete at the 2012 London Olympics.  

          When it comes down to it, Aldridge is a player you can build your team around. He is a long, 6’11, 240lbs, athletic, power forward that can hit the deep 18-footer with remarkable consistency. The coaching staff will attest there is no doubt that Aldridge is going to give it his all every time he steps on the court, which is a trait that not many “all-stars” have earned. LaMarcus is a nightmare for any player and any team. His aggressive style of play proves to others that he will never back down from anyone, at any time. He poses a match up problem for any player in the NBA and requires a double team from almost every team.

          In the end, LaMarcus Aldridge, a.k.a. Mr. Dependable, labeled by myself, has emerged into an absolute superstar in the NBA. He has given the Blazers faithful something to cheer about each and every game he steps on the court. In addition, he is someone that fans can be proud of on and off the court, conducting himself as a professional at all times. With all his outstanding qualities, Portland can be ecstatic to accept “LA” as their cities newest all-star for the year 2012. As a native of Portland and a passionate Blazers fan, I think I can speak for everyone when I say: Thank you LaMarcus for all the joy you have given to this wonderful city and congratulations on your very first all-star selection!

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