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Feb 22

Statement, Statement, STATEMENT!!

By dljensen
I love the team that showed up last night for the Blazer game!  Where did they come from?  It is such a drastic and unbelievable difference from the LA game!!  I just find it hard to believe that this team has such awful road trips.  Sure we didn't have Duncan or Parker or Splitter to contend with but we blew them away with our third string of players!!! Hello!!!!  Way to go Blazers!  It was so exciting and fun to watch and love me Elliott Williams!!  Wow!!  I could watch more of him in the lineup. My, My, My!!  Anyway this was a much needed and great win for us no matter who we played.  I am excited to see LaMarcus on Sunday in the All Star game.  Hope everyone has a blessed break time and come back ready to kick some booty!!  GO BLAZERS!!!
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