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Feb 18

I say give Smith a chance now rather then later and bring Felton off the bench with Crawford starting at the 2 spot with Matthews coming off the bench. We should look to trade Felton, Matthews, Babbitt, and Wallace if he won't resign now....... why lose him for nothing after the season? We should look to the bottom 6 teams in the league for a PG or a Big and their top draft pick for any combination of the four "trade-able" players. I would much rather keep Wallace but Lebron's situation with Cleveland makes me leery of trusting that he will sign after the season is over. I understand wanting to get the most money you can, but greed is ridiculous. How many millions do you need for family security? I think we could give him 4 years 40 million, 5 and 50 if it is allowed under the new agreement, although he could get more elsewhere, if he likes this team he should sign now for good money and contract length with a team and fans that love what he brings to the floor.    
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