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Feb 17


By dljensen
I feel like a tire that has been rolling along and all of a sudden I can't move, its like I'm in mud or worse trying to get out and I'm deflated, dejected, disalusioned!!! I'm at a loss today as I think of the great first half we had against the Clippers last night.  I am going to find a distraction this weekend so I don't think about it.  Maybe the Garden show that is going on at the Convention Center or a movie or NASCAR Saturday night and Daytona 500 next Sunday.  I need to be refreshed and reassured that everything will be okay with my team.  I am glad LA won't be gone too long.  We really need him and I can't wait to watch him in the All Star game.  I pray all goes well for him and I will be on board again the L-Train Saturday night.  GO BLAZERS!!!
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