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Feb 16

Grab some pine Felton

By RipCityBlazers7
The resume for a perfect point guard is to (1.) Facilitate the game, and get players involved by penetrating the paint – drawing defenders and making great passes for easy shots – (2) Shoot a respectful percentage and (3) play solid defense. Ok now we all now those perfect points guards are far and few and the teams that have them are the minority. So if you can't have a perfect point guard that has all three key talents, then you should be able to have a point guard that has two of the three or in a worst case scenario he has does one of the three well. In Raymond Felton's case, he does NOT do any of them well. If he can not shoot worth a crap, or play defense worth a crap (over weight and out of shape) the least he could do is NOT turn the ball over, but he does that really well – He is killing our team with 4th quarter turn overs. It happened tonight against the Clippers, he turned it over twice that resulted in 0 opportunity points for the Blazers and 4 points for the Clippers, and ohhhh yes we lost by 3 point, hmmmmmm. Not sure why he is still a starter – Crawford, even though he turns the ball over a bit more then he should, at least he gets respect from the opposing team as a scorer and he can create his own shot – Felton can not do this – Felton needs to come off the bench – Another horrible move by the people making decisions for our team. Decisions by the powers to be have held my team back year after year after year, I can't imagine how many rings my Blazers would have if they would have picked Jordon over Bowie or hey this latest great decision with Oden over Durant, please do not go to Vegas with your savings, your coin flipping percentage is horrible. Just once I'd like to see the right decision made so please do not keep Felton after this season, he is not the answer, get rid of him and let that move be your first correct decision you've made in a long long long time.


  1. i hope they don't get rid Felton next summer,I hope they get rid Felton ASAP! I'm sick of watching him on the court.I don't know why McMillan is still playing him.
    Countless turnovers and errors over and over again,We should be at 5th spot out west if he's not our pg.

    by John Cruz on 2/17/2012 1:38 AM
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