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Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day

By dljensen
So I understand that the "Rhino" is engaged to his childhood sweetheart!! Congratulations!!  I love it.  I have known my husband as a family friend for most of my life and we got together second time around and have been together 30 years this July.  Hope we see a lot of love tonight as we attend the game!!  It should be full of lobs, jams, fast breaks and great fun!!  I heard the coach got a little heated with the players and I say it's about time.  We love each other but we need to be able to say, step up and not be afraid you won't like me any more.  I hope Raymond has a good game tonight because Nate is giving him another chance and I love Wes to death and knows he is a hard worker so I hope he is hitting his shots tonight and I also hope we have a closer tonight.  Someone who will step up and take the shot or get it to the person with the hot hand.  I want to see lots of energy and motivation out there tonight.  I want to see hustle and no standing around or turnovers and lots and lots of rebounds and free throws because of the hustle.  Love you guys, have a great Valentine's Day.  GO BLAZERS!!!


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