Feb 12

Can't Help Wondering

By iggymo
Just can't help wondering where the Blazers would be now if Nate had given the playing time, compassion and support to Nolan and Elliot that he's given to Raymond and Wesley? I know he is torn about both of his starting guards, and I can understand it. But when you don't get the job done you have to sit down. How else did the Knicks find out about Lin? Both Nolan and Elliot are smart, quick and athletic, with acres of upside. I think Jamal is a great 6th man, but I don't think he's a starting point. Let's see the youngsters. Can it get any worse? By not giving them his trust and support, Nate is truly jeopardizing his job in Portland. In my mind he's hanging on by a thread right now. And I'm a big Nate fan.
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