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Feb 09

Well Deserved All Star

By dljensen
CONGRATULATIONS I am so excited for LaMarcus and his family (especially his Mom) to have this day to see her son become an All Star.  I am sorry he didn't make the first team, he deserves that as well.  Now we need a win in NO and Dallas, a team that will be his support, will step up and make the plays we need to win in the end.  We can't keep saying "we need to figure it out"!!  We have had the opportunities to finish in the W column and have not followed through.  Turnovers, Rebounds, free throws, hustle, energy.  We need them for 4 quarters!!  No Excuses!!  Come on team, do it for LA and make us proud of all of you.  Love you guys, but your killin' me here!!! GO BLAZERS!!!!


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