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Feb 09

Blazers still winners to this fan:)

By Terriblazer24
Yesterday the NBA issued a statement admitting the wrong call was made in the final moments of the blazers thunder game a couple nights ago that sent the game into overtime. The thunder won the game .... ok they did a great job.... no ones denying that. And with all due respect to the officials .... they do have a tough job and its understandable that mistakes can be made. The problem is the call was completely wrong. And someone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that why we have replays? Shouldn't the officials have looked at the replay so they could have the option to change the call and make it right? Just saying. I do agree that its time to move on and let it go. I just couldn't understand how the officials could let that call stand when a game was on the line. And last nights loss to the Rockets after they came back from 19 down ... I could've cried. Next game is on the road in N.O. game time 5 .... hoping the guys will be able to put it behind them and get a win on the road. Go Blazers!:)
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